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Past Episodes

Episode One: Is No-Code the Future of All Business Software?

A Fireside Chat with Simon Chatfield that will help you understand why you need to learn no-code platforms if you intend to continue a career managing business IT systems.

Do you operate at the intersection of business and IT? The software landscape is evolving as no-code and low-code solutions seek to edge out all other software options. Newly released platforms are designed to increase the customizability of the solutions and decrease the barrier to learning how to configure them.

In this webinar, Simon Chatfield, a veteran custom software developer who built solutions for Apple, IBM, Intel, AmEx, TicketMaster, and hundreds of others, will share his journey from code to no-code.

Episode Two: How to Spot a No-Code Developer on Your Team

In 2019, you no longer need to know code to create custom software solutions. The circle of people who can turn their operational challenges into software solutions is expanding because of no-code platforms. Are you or a member of your team within this new cohort of creators?

Watch our Fireside Chat where we highlight Cody Robey, an OptimumHQ Solutions Architect. He shares how he identified himself as a non-developer custom creator, and how you can identify if you or a member of your team can also take advantage of this new, faster, more affordable approach to creating custom solutions.

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