Customizations & Helpful Hints


Health Status Form as a Declaration Form:
Many companies add or delete questions on the health status form, but the most common change is to make the form a Declaration form.  Instead of asking employees to answer questions, (provide personal health information) the form simply makes a series of statements.  For example: instead of asking the question "Do you have a temperature of 100.4 or higher?"  The form has a statement "I do not have a temperature of 100.4 or higher".  Or "I don't have any of the following 10 symptoms".  After these statements, there is one box to click at the bottom of the form that 'declares' the employee has truthfully met off of your health criteria. . 
Spanish health status form:
Yes, you can have your form in Spanish.

Automated daily reminders:
We highly recommend daily reminders for all employees before they visit one of your facilities.  These daily reminders can be sent via text or email.  Our data clearly shows that these daily reminders will result in a much higher compliance rate of employees submitting health status forms.  

Digital Badge customizations:
The badges are intended to provide easily verifiable, visual verification.  You can customize your badges with any combination of colors and/or text.  A green stripe is good-to-go.  A red stripe is problematic.  Each location can have a different color if you want.  Your badges can be as visually simple or complex as you want.  Just let us know.

Digital Badge from destop to phone:
If someone submits their health status form via a desktop, we can automatically send them a text message with a link to their digital badge so that it will be easily available on their smartphone.  Of course, they can always take a picture of their badge on the desktop, but this automated text delivery makes the process forget-proof.

QR Code Organization:
For companies with tens or hundreds of locations with QR codes, we can build an automated process for organizing and printing your QR codes.

Location - Based access and reporting
If you have multiple locations, you might want your location managers to be able to login and see data only for those employees at their locations.  No problem.  Exmaple:  Your Southwest Region Mgr can login and see only those employees who are part of the southwest region.  Just let us know how you would like to organize access and reporting.  We can give you exactly what you need..

Front - End  scheduling
Many companies will manage their RTW process with occupancy limits that will increase over time.  For example, today they may only allow 20% occupancy and this will increase to 50% occupancy in Q1 2021.  To manage these occupancy limits we can build a front-end scheduler that lets employees know 1) is there room for them to go to the office?  2) which desk is assigned to them? 3) Is the facility fully booked?  Lets us know how you need to manage the gradual return-to-work of your workforce and we'll build the occupancy management scheduler you need.

Helpful Hints

Need to edit employee information?
By clicking the wrench next to an employee/students name, you will be able to edit their information, update if they are allowed to resolve health alerts, or update their record with new information. 
Want to delete an employee?
Click on the wrench next to their name, view their details, click the blue button that says "update employee record" and the first question asks "disable employee" you'll click yes and then save!

Want to change your badge expiration?
Click company management, company settings, manage and at the bottom you'll see badge expiration hours.

Need to resend an employee invite?
Go to employee management, employees, you'll see a blue tab that says "Email Invites" once you click on that you'll have two options; either send it to all pending or send the email invite to employee selected. Employees selected is great if you just need to send an invite to a few employees.

Are your employees/students not checking in regularly?
We recommend automated text check in reminders! It's easy to forget to check your email daily but with the help of Twilio, we can send a text reminder daily so that health check-in is never missed.