OptimumHQ Automate Any Business Workflow in Minutes

OptimumHQ lets non-programmers pull in any kind of data, apply any kind of rule, to automate any kind of output.

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Why Automate?

If you or your employees are constantly performing laborious, repetitive tasks, then you're wasting time and money.

How Does It Work?

Just log on to your OptimumHQ account, set up a workflow whenever you feel like it using our simple, intuitive interface... no programming required!

What Can I Automate?

Almost anything! You can pull in data ranging from surveys, to Web analytics, to social media, to weather and traffic. Just define some rules and OptimumHQ takes care of the rest.

Tap Into the Power of Your Data

Are you sitting on mountains of data with no time or resources to analyze it in time to put it to use effectively?

With OptimumHQ, you can feed ANY source of data into automated workflows, immediately making your organization operate smarter and more effectively.

Third-Party Data

And don't stop with just your data. Via a vast selection of third-party APIs, your workflows can benefit from the added awareness and knowledge that exists in the broader technology and economic ecosystem.

Is Your Company's Software Making You Miserable?

With most software, you have a choice: Either change your business to fit their software, or spend millions of dollars developing custom solutions.

OptimumHQ lets you enjoy the benefits of customization without the expense, delay, or headache.

How Can OptimumHQ Be Used?

In response to a change in the weather forecast, a golf course uses OptimumHQ to automatically text reservation holders and the course superintendent.

When a hot new fad starts trending on Twitter, a consumer products company uses OptimumHQ to initiate surveys, in any language, from its automated call center.

Sales and marketing teams use OptimumHQ to generate automated reports from multiple data sources, freeing them up to spend more hours each day actually generating more business.

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