Simple Project Tracking

Track, manage, and collaborate from start to completion for any project.
  • Coordinate tasks to avoid duplicate work and inefficiencies
  • Easy communication to keep everyone on track and on the same page
  • Customized reporting and tracking to fit your unique
    project management processes
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Project Tracking made easy

Track and share project status: In detail or in aggregate

There is a better way than spreadsheets, email, and sticky notes. Optimum's Simple Project Tracking Solution Module makes it easy for all stakeholders to see and know exactly what needs to be done, who is responsible, what needs to be done next, and when.

Easy visibility to historical tasks and milestones plus analysis of average completion times to help identify workflow efficiencies. Share all critical project information with easy-to-use communications templates.

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Customize for that perfect fit

Why settle for "off the shelf" when you can custom tailor for a perfect fit? All our Solution Modules have been designed with the expectation they will be customized to fit your business processes perfectly.

Part of your secret sauce is reflected in the way your business operates. Our special sauce is reflected in the way we can customize your Solutions Modules to perfectly fit your business processes.

And what's even better is this.....we know your business is going to change over time. No problem. Our Solution Modules will be up to the task of changing with you. You will never outgrow your business software with Optimum's customizable Solution Modules.

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Pricing and Implementation

Solution Modules are available via annual commitments or month-to-month.

Basic: Users have rights to use one Solution Module per month
Business: Users have rights to use up to three Modules per month
Premium: Users have rights to use an unlimited number of modules per month

Customization fees are quoted based on company-specific needs.

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Our Solution Modules are designed to change as your business changes.
You deserve software that always fits your business.