What is the Solution Module deployment process?
Step One: Delivery of your company-specific instance of your Solution Module. We typically need 2 to 3 business days for this step.

Step Two: Onboarding meeting, which is typically 60 to 90 minutes and conducted via Zoom with one of our Solution Architects. There are three primary objectives for this session:

  1. To provide you with a comprehensive introduction and overview of all the capabilities of your Solution Module
  2. For us to learn us much as possible about the uniqueness of your business processes
  3. To begin formally capturing your customizations

Step Three: We provide you with a Customizations Statement of Work (SoW). This document will describe your customizations with time-to-complete estimates and associated costs. No work is performed until the Customizations SoW is signed-off by you, and the prioritization of customizations is determined by you.

How Long is a Typical Deployment?
Your Solution Module will be functional during the onboarding call which usually occurs week one. Implementing the initial set of high-priority customizations can occur within days for some modules but can sometimes take longer for more complex modules. Once we have mutually agreed on your customizations, and the priority of those customizations, we will provide a more detailed timeline with deployment milestones.

Two to four weeks: Typically, initial high priority customizations have been made and your Solution Module is ready for testing.

NOTE: Because our Solution Modules are built on a low-code platform, many customizations require only a few hours to complete.