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10 Things That Require Zero Talent

If you are like most business owners, you are very likely always in need of new, more, and better talent. Yet, is it talent you are really looking for? Here are my...

10 Things That Require Zero Talent:

1. Being on time
2. Work ethic
3. Effort
4. Body language
5. Energy
6. Attitude
7. Passion
8. Being coachable
9. Going the extra mile
10. Being prepared

If, after examining this list you still seek talent, perhaps for some executive or upper level management position, then it is up to you to define and communicate precisely that talent you seek. Unfortunately, however, most companies are quite poor at communicating the talent they seek.

So, how do you communicate specifically the talent you seek? Think of someone you would describe as talented. What made them so? Was it how they could almost anticipate industry trends and problems? Was it how they were always coming up with incredibly creative solutions to difficult problems? Or, was it how they simply knew how to inspire and get the most out of everyone around them? Whatever talent you want, you will have to be at your best to describe it. It’s never easy but be sure to at least start with the proper end goal in mind.

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If, however, after reviewing the list again you determine that you are not looking for talent at all...just some or all of the qualities presented in the list (and of course some demonstrable experience)...then that is a whole other ball game. List those skills, experiences, qualities, and personal traits you require. Ask the candidate what their best qualities are and to provide examples of how they know this to be true. Make sure the qualities they mention and describe match yours. Don't tell them what you are seeking, let them reveal who they are to you first!

Hiring the right people for the right job is never simple; however, if you want the right people around you then do your homework. Know the difference between real talent, personal qualities, skills, and experiences. Know precisely what you want for each (and for each position and why).

If you communicate that effectively the chances of you hiring the right people for the right job will increase dramatically.

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