OptimumHQ Youtube channel screenshot showing the Time Off Request Series video 3

Final Video in First Build It Yourself Series Completed

OptimumHQ's first "Build It Yourself" series has been completed! You can now watch all three parts of our Building a Time Off Request video series on our Youtube channel.

This first trio of videos in the ongoing “Build It Yourself” series focused on how to build a Time Off Request System within the OptimumHQ platform.

Viewers can follow along and effectively build a Time Off Request System in under 30 minutes. With OptimumHQ, users are able to customize and configure their Company Portal to their exact business needs – with no custom code.

The OptimumHQ team will be releasing additional videos in 2019, including short how-to videos, more videos in the Build It Yourself series, customer testimonial videos, and more.

Have an idea for a video? Email our Marketing Manager: amanda@optimumhq.com.

Watch Video 3 here:

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About OptimumHQ

OptimumHQ is an emerging tech startup based out of Mesa, AZ that is revolutionizing the enterprise software industry by doing what most still believe is impossible: providing an affordable, all-in-one, user customizable solution for businesses large and small.