What You Need For Effective Contact Tracing

1. Real-time notification of when a COVID-positive person was in one of your facilities

2. Accurate location-based data about all persons in your facilities by date and time-of-day

3. Rapid identification of all persons in the same locations as the COVID-positive person 

4. A system made to fit your unique operating environment

Real-Time Notification

When notified of a COVID-positive person in one of your facilities, the ability to act quickly is imperative.   Our solution has a health status form for employees and non-employees to submit prior to entering any of your facilities.  Anytime a non-healthy status is submitted, a real-time alert is sent via email or text to the appropriate designee.

Location-Based Data

Where was the infected visitor?  When?  Who else was in the same locations at the same time?  Our solution allows you to define locations by building, by room, by floor within a building, or by campus.  Each defined location is given a unique QR code and a texting code.  The QR codes are printed onto signs and placed prominently at the entrance of all locations.  All persons entering your locations simply use their smartphones to scan the QR code which will identify them, record the date/time of their entry, and ensure they have submitted a current health status form. Alternatively, they can also send a text message for the same results.

Rapid Identification

When your locations have been identified and QR code scanning has been adopted, our solution is able to collect and manage all persons in all locations at all times.  When a COVID-positive case is discovered, and a contact tracing initiative is launched, the two fundamental questions that must be answered are:

Where was the COVID-Positive person?  

Who else was in the same locations at the same time?

Our solution will allow you to define a date range for your contract tracing initiative and will identify all locations the COVID-positive person visited for that date range.  It then cross-references these visited locations against all other visitors.  Within minutes you will know who was in the same location at the same time and you can begin contacting those people.

Unique Operating Environment

A college campus is different than a high-rise office building.  A meatpacking plant is different than a software company.  Your contact tracing technology needs to be able to adapt to your unique operating environment.  Our solution is built on top of our no-code platform and fully expects to be customized to your exact requirements.  Our goal is to give you everything you need, and nothing you don't need.

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