Bring Back Your Workforce
Safely and Responsibly

With vaccines on the way, now is the time to put your systems & procedures in place.
The OptimumHQ Return-to-Work platform has everything you need:

  • Ready to deploy in days
  • 100% customizable to your specific business
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How It Works

1. Automated daily reminders via email or text ensures full compliance with submission of digital health status forms before arriving at your facilities.
  • Completed health forms result in assignment of a color-coded, time-stamped, digital badge for visual verification.
  • Real-time alerts are sent via email or text for every non-compliant health form submitted.

2. At the point of entry, a smartphone is used to scan a QR code.
  • Employee or visitor id is verified plus a current health form.
  • Entry is logged by date and time-of-day for location tracking in support of contact tracing.
  • Color-coded digital badges are updated with location information.

3. Optional touchless kiosk uses facial recognition for quick temperature readings. The kiosk is fully integrated with OptimumHQ and can also:
  • Log date and time-of-day for location tracking. (Instead of scanning a QR code)
  • Integrate with access control systems to open doors.
  • Integrate with time clock systems to start/end a shift.

4. QR codes are used for location tracking in buildings or rooms, depending on how specific you want to be able to contact trace.
  • QR code signs are placed at every important location and visitors simply scan the code with their smartphones to log date and time-of-day.

5. With precise location tracking information from the use of QR codes, contact tracing can be conducted quickly and accurately, in addition to providing proof of compliance to regulators.
  • Answer the two fundamental contact tracing questions:
    Where was the COVID-positive individual?
    Who else was in the same location on the same dates?
  • Assign “cleared to return” dates for employees. Flag specific locations as quarantined for deep cleaning.

6. The OptimumHQ cloud-based solution is fully SOC 2,GDPR and CCPA compliant, so your data is secure and private.
  • Central dashboards allow for ease of workforce management, fast queries, and contact tracing case management.

Contact Tracing & Location Tracking

Strategically placed QR code signs allow for easy scans and location tracking into your buildings and rooms. Contact tracing can be initiated in minutes with accurate, location-based information for employees, vendors, and visitors.

Fast - Accurate - Developed specifically for your business.

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Integrated Temperature Kiosk

Using facial recognition, a temperature reading is acquired via the kiosk and appended to an employee/visitor record. Their digital badge is automatically updated with a color-code temperature stripe for visual verification.

Fast - contactless - accurate - integrated with OptimumHQ.

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Q&A with OptimumHQ

Key Features


Customize the check-in form
to your exact specifications.


Cloud-based application can be
used on any laptop, desktop,
tablet, or mobile device.


Simple, easy-to-use navigation.
An employee health check-in
takes less than 30 seconds.


Alerts when any employee
checks in with any type of
non-healthy status.


Integrated kiosk with
facial recognition and
temperature checks.


If an employee hasn't checked-in
recently, we'll send them a
check-in request.


Employees and Visitors all receive a digital badge with current health status.

Scan a QR code for location-based tracking into specified locations, or send a text.

With location-based tracking you can execute contact tracing in minutes.


Available with monthly or annual plans
Based on FTE - Full Time Equivalent Users
Business plans start at $5/FTE/month
Non-Profits & School Plans start at $3/FTE/month

More pricing details here

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Contact Tracing 

Contact tracing with location tracking enabled by QR codes. When you receive a real-time alert from a COVID-positive health status form, OptimumHQ's RTW solution allows you to quickly and efficiently conduct contact tracing.

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Your Employees Demand a Safe Workplace 

With QR Codes, smartphones, digital badges, and digital health status forms, OptimumHQ's @Home Portal helps protect your workplace from COVID.

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