What is Perfect Fit Software?

  • Perfect Fit Software is application software that has been customized specifically to fit your real-life work processes
  • Perfect Fit Software changes continuously as your business processes change, so it always fits
  • Perfect Fit Software has everything you need, and nothing you don't need
  • Perfect Fit Software doesn't require spreadsheets and manual workarounds
Everybody wants Perfect Fit software, but to date, the only way to achieve it has been to build it yourself or outsource to a custom software development house.  Unfortunately, most companies don't have the required IT resources, and outsourcing is both expensive and time-consuming.

Everybody also wishes they could just buy packaged software that magically fits their business workflows perfectly forever, but as we all know, this is impossible because packaged software vendors build business applications with a one-size-fits-all objective.  They aren't in business to build Perfect Fit Software just for your company.

Perfect Fit Software: 
Has been customized specifically to fit your real-life work processes (workflows)
This simply means the base Solution Module application has been customized.  We believe our base Solution Modules will possess 80% or more of the basic functionality you're looking for.  This is intentional.  This base Solution Module is typically deployed immediatly without any customizations, allowing you to become familiar with the capabilities as you formulate changes you'll want to make for your unique, company-specific, perfect fit implementation.  Because our Solution Modules are built on a Low Code development platform, making changes (customizations) is easy, fast, and affordable.  You'll probably want us to do the initial customizations, but if you're more inclined to DIY ( Do It Yourself), we can train you to do your own customizations. 

Changes continuously as your business processes change, so it always fits
At Optimum, we have made several key assumptions about our customers:
  • They're frustrated with the limitations of packaged software
  • They wish they had the time and money to develop custom software, but don't
  • They know they need a software environment that can adapt to their changing business workflows as their business grows over time
  • They want more than just a software application.  They want a business relationship with their software vendor that they can count on to be receptive, responsive, and reliable.
We know that despite our mutual best efforts, we probably won't achieve Perfect Fit on the first try.  We'll get close, then you'll realize you missed a few key requirements, and we'll find ourselves in an iterative process of making incremental changes.  Then we'll deploy to your user community and their feedback will demand further changes and interations.  The reality here is that Perfect Fit is not a singular point in time.  Perfect Fit is a continuous journey, and we will be there with you, and for you, for as long as your journey demands.

Has everything you need, and nothing you don't need
This was a direct quote to us from Joe Moreau, Vice Chancellor of Technology at Foothill De-Anza college.  Suffice it to say, he is a fan of our Solution Module approach.  And it means exactly what it says....our goal with our Solution Module approach is to help you implement a software solution that does everything you need without any unnecessary getting in the way.  If your Solution Module contains functionality you don't need or want, we'll remove it.  If there are capabilities you want, we'll add them.  For as long as your business demands.

Doesn't require spreadsheets and manual workarounds 
This is what typically happens with packaged software when you fail to achieve Perfect Fit.  The gaps between the packaged software and your work processes have to be filled with workarounds which almost always means spreadsheets and manual work.  And when there are manual workarounds, there are bound to be errors.  Perfect Fit software aspires to eliminate these time-consuming, error-prone workarounds.

Perfect Fit Software can't be purchased OTS (Off-the-Shelf).  Most companies can't afford the time and money to acquire Perfect Fit Software via outsourced custom software development.  Achieving Perfect Fit for your company is a process.  The process starts with a Solution Module that already contains 80% or more of the base functionality you need.  Then, together, we customize the Solution Module to adapt to your business workflows.  This process is how our approach is different.  We excel at customizing for Perfect Fit.  

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