Are you experiencing these software symptoms? If you are, our Solution Modules are your answer.

Are You experiencing These Packaged Software Symptoms?
  • You've already purchased packaged software and you've discovered it doesn't quite fit the way you do business.
  • You want custom software but you need it fast and affordable.
  • You're concerned about your software growing and changing as your business grows and changes.
You've already purchased packaged software and you've discovered it doesn't quite fit the way you do business. 
This is probably the most common drawback associated with packaged software and can be caused by a number of things.  You may have work processes that are unique to your company such that a one-size-fits-all packaged solution falls short for you.  Your requirements may have changed over time and you've simply outgrown the software you purchased.  Whatever the reasons, you find yourself changing your work processes to fit your software rather than the other way around.  This is inefficient, sub-optimal, and frustrating.

You want custom software but you need it fast and affordable
Whereas packaged software may be relatively fast to deploy at first, but tends to fall short of achieving 'perfect fit' with your work processes, custom software can absolutely achieve perfect fit but tends to be expensive and takes much longer to develop.  You're typically faced with a choice between two alternatives....neither of which is ideal for your business.  What you really want is a solution and an approach with the advantages of both packaged software and custom software.  You want to be able to deploy quickly plus have the flexibility to customize.....continuously....over time so that you always have perfect fit to your work processes and you have the peace of mind from knowing your business will never outgrow your software. (Hint...Solution Modules!)

You're concerned: Will your software be able to grow and change as your business grows and changes?
One thing we know for sure is that the demands you place on your software are going to grow and change over time.  Your requirements are going to be different a year from now than they are today.  Your professional reputation may be on the line for recommending and/or choosing a software solution that actually becomes more problematic over time.  It may be impossible to predict your requirements years from now, but it is absolutely possible to know that our Solution Modules will always be 100% customizable to insure continuous perfect fit of your software.

Packaged Software Symptoms You May be Experiencing
  • You're using Excel way more than want to fill in the gaps of missing functionality
  • Your requests for features and capabilities aren't as important to your vendor as they are to you.
  • You have too many manual workarounds which add time and human errors to your processes
  • You're frustrated by the lack of direct control.  You have issues and requests but all you get from your vendor is FINR - Fixed In Next Release.
  • You're frustrated by feature bloat.  Your packaged software has tons of features, but you only need a portion and a few key features are missing. 
  • Your software addresses 80% of what you need....but you're not willing to settle for 80%.  You want 100%.  Your job is to deliver 'perfect fit' of your software to your work processes

The Solution Module Approach:

Our Solution Modules contain most of the functionality you need out-of-the-box.  They are deployed quickly with this initial functionality PLUS they have been intentionally designed to be customized.  This ability to continuously customize your Solution Modules is how we help you achieve 'Perfect Fit' to your work processes not just today, but for as long as your business demands.  

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