Why Choose Solution Modules vs Packaged Software or Custom Software

With a Solution Module from OptimumHQ, you're getting the best of two worlds: Custom Software and Packaged Software. You're getting the peace of mind that comes from knowing your business software is going to fit your business processes perfectly......always. Your operational requirements will never outgrow our ability to customize your solution module to keep it aligned with the unique way you run your business.

This is possible because every Solution Module customer gets their own version of their module. This means we (you) can do whatever you want with your module.

Add/remove/change features  
Add/remove/change workflows
Accommodate new datasets
Integrate other systems

The Solution Module advantage over packaged software: With packaged software, you are buying a fixed feature set with little or no ability to adapt to your business processes. Consequently, you end up having to adapt your business to the software rather than the other way around. If you've ever had to use Excel spreadsheets to fill these imperfect gaps, you know what we mean.

Also, did you know that research shows 80% of features in packaged software are rarely or never used?
According to the Pendo 2019 Feature Adoption Report: Pendo 2019 Feature Adoption Report

"Based on an aggregation of anonymized product usage data, Pendo determined that 80 percent of features in the average software product are rarely or never used. Publicly-traded cloud software companies collectively invested up to $29.5 billion developing these features, dollars that could have been spent on higher value features and unrealized customer value."

Our Solution Modules are built with a focus on the critical 20% features that real customers actually use. You don't have to pay for development of features you don't need and together, we can focus on customizing the core module to give you the higher value capabilities critical to your business. 

With packaged software, you are the mercy of every other customer that has purchased that software. Packaged software vendors make decisions about new features based on their business objectives... not yours. The features believed to be most advantageous for the vendors' entire business will be prioritized over your feature requests. This is because every customer gets the same code base, then gets updates and bug fixes via maintenance releases (to the right of the decimal) or major releases (to the left of the decimal) There is no guarantee these releases and timetables will correlate to you your needs.

With your Solution Module from OptimumHQ, if you want a new feature that is unique to your business, you tell us and we will add it. We don't have to worry about whether or not that feature is relevant to all other customers of that module.

The Solution Module advantage over custom software: Custom software can absolutely give you perfect fit software, but it typically comes at an unacceptable cost both in terms of time and money. And if you to try to build it yourself, it usually fails. Why IT Projects Continue to Fail at an Alarming Rate

"In fact, the single biggest barrier to successfully deploying modern enterprise software is custom coding. It is time consuming, expensive, and fraught with problems that include both bugs, communication errors between the business users and programmers.

The solution is low-code and no-code platforms. These allow IT to build completely customized applications in a fraction of the time to write custom code and to easily iterate as needs or conditions change."

OptimumHQ Solution Modules are built on our own low-code development platform. We give you a head start with core functionality then add the ability to customize for a perfect fit to your business.

Most small and medium size companies don't have the internal IT resources to build their own software so they outsource to a custom software developer. And most of these services tend to take years to complete and cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. It's not uncommon for an outsourced custom development project to complete, only to discover that the core requirements have changed over time and now the finished product needs to be updated. The costly cycle continues. 

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