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If You Think You Need Custom Software, Read This Blog

Are you tired of looking for the perfect software solution for your unique business? You may have researched hundreds of off-the-shelf options but none of them checked all the boxes. Maybe they were too expensive, and required you to pay for features you would never need or want. Maybe they didn’t have enough functionality for what you require. Maybe they were forcing you to change the way you run your company, in order to fit their pre-defined workflows and business solutions. Does this sound familiar?

You probably became frustrated and just didn’t want to deal with it anymore.

So, maybe you switched gears and began looking into custom software solutions to get exactly what you need. In your search you may have discovered that many fully customized solutions take months – or even years – and you need your solution like, yesterday.

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Where does that leave you?

If you find that your business doesn’t fit traditional off-the-shelf solutions, and you don’t have the patience or bandwidth to develop a custom solution, you need OptimumHQ.

OptimumHQ fills a need where there is no other solution present, and when custom systems are unattainable. OptimumHQ’s Software as a Service (SaaS) platform lets you enjoy the benefits of custom software without the expense or headache.


You may be thinking that sounds too good to be true.

OptimumHQ can manage HR, accounting, billing, CRM/sales, inventory, scheduling, project management, and much more. Rather than paying for several software applications to solve one problem, OptimumHQ can do it all. We sit down with each potential client and identify their needs – we only give them what they want for their business, with the ability to make changes themselves or have our expert team of developers do it for them. Due to our platform’s scalability, each configuration is relatively quick and simple to implement for each client; we are able to deliver custom solutions in a matter of days or weeks instead of months or years.

So, before you shovel thousands of dollars and hours of time into making an off-the-shelf solution work for you, or reinventing the wheel by developing your own solution, consider OptimumHQ.

Continue exploring the site for more information, or contact us directly for a product demo or to learn more: 480-776-6390.

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